Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know I know

I know I've been quiet. Between being really busy at work and being really busy at home and being sick off and on, I've just been quiet. There have been a couple of anniversaries and birthdays.

Health: I'm okay, but the past couple of weeks I've had several really bad migraines. I'm pushing through them and finally today it eased off. I'm hoping that it will be through, but I think it has to do part weather and part stress.

Anniversaries: Rob & I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary on the 15th. Then two days ago, it was the one year anniversary of my Grandfather going "home." Today was the 2nd anniversary of my friend Pam going "home."

Birthdays and a BIRTH day: My niece Piper turned one! Happy Birthday Piper. My sister had her 5th baby and he's precious.

April has been quite a month, a busy month. I am glad that May is almost here.

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DDawson said...

It's been way too long since I commented so I wanted to say happy anniversary! :)