Sunday, April 17, 2011

62 Tornadoes in NC

Yesterday was a frightful day in North Carolina (and surrounding states). There were 62 tornadoes. I spent a good portion of 15 minutes in the bathroom terrified, though most of the day shaking in my skin. I thought there was a good possibility that we'd get hit by one of the many tornadoes. There are 24 deaths in North Carolina confirmed so far.

Many stores including a Lowe's Home Improvement store were destroyed. One university has suspended classes for the duration of the Spring Semester because of damage to the building. Many schools will be delayed or closed. Many families lost their homes and many people lost loved ones.

Thankfully, my neighborhood was unscathed and as far as I know all my friends and family members are safe. However I know people that are friends with people that lost family. They are devastated and for that I am devastated for them.

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