Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sorry I've been so quiet

Yes.  I am still living.  I have been quiet for a few reasons.  I have been extremely busy with some Lyme projects.  But I've also been forgetful.  I forgot my own sign in information to log into the blog!  Somehow I just happened to remember it.  Now one would think that if one had a blog since 2008 - that one would remember log in information, apparently not me.  Lyme Brain at its finest!

Since my last official update:  I've had two follow ups - some blood work - and some IV's.  After May (LDA month), I pretty much crashed in more than one way.  I pretty much didn't do much in June or July.  It was hard to explain to people that I just didn't feel like myself.  Now with Lyme Disease (and all of the co-infections:  Babesia & Bartonella), I have pushed through to feel pretty much like Jennifer - even when I feel at my worst.  So when I stopped feeling like "Jennifer,"  I began feeling pretty upset.

That's when it was decided that I needed to clear my lymph pathways - and focus on detoxification.  I've done a lot of things to focus on detoxing -

  • Supplement Lists (which will remain private)
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Rebounding
  • Ionic Foot Bath
  • Other things that my brain isn't remembering right now.
Bottom line - I'm slowly seeing "Jennifer" return.  I still feel lousy, but there is a little more pep in my step, a little more sparkle in my eyes, a little more lift to my lips (smile) and I feel a little more "Jennifer" and a lot off "that other person"  (quote from The Avengers - when Banner is talking about The Hulk).

Since I'm feeling a bit more Jennifer - I am working solidly on Lyme Awareness in NC.  I'm planning a documentary screening of Under Our Skin in NC for October with a friend.  Getting excited and hope we have a good turn out. 

Well, I think I've worn myself out just typing all of this.  I'm sorry for the delay in blog posts.  I'll try to do better now that I've logged in.

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