Monday, October 3, 2011

Borrelia Series

The company that makes Borrelia Series says, "Borrelia Remedy has been formulated to address the symptoms related to infection created by Borrelia Burgdorfi, Babesia Microti and Ehrlichia. The "Series Method" uses nosodes that range from high potency to a low potency. Each potency is administered singly over a period of weeks in a manner that resolves a deep, chronic disease state. This treatment was found to produce results that were extremely gratifying."

This is what it looks like.

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I will start off using Vial 1 tonight. Then every three days take the next number vial. If I have a herx reaction, I will use four boxes of these. After I finish the 10 vials, I will start box number 2. I will start off with vial number 10 and go backwards. Each box will reverse the way I take it until I am done with the four boxes. That is IF I get a herx reaction from the first box.

I start my first vial tonight. Yes I'm worried about how I will respond. It suggests that between vials 2 & 4 I won't feel so well. We'll see how it goes.

BTW: Last night was the 2nd night not on LDN and I still have a headache. LDN might not be causing my headaches, might be the Lyme.


Juliet said...

What is LDN? And how is the therapy working? I can't find hardly anything on this treatment. Is this suppose to cure Lymes Disease or only help the symptoms?

Jennifer said...

Juliet, LDN is Low Dose Naltraxone. Originally, Naltraxone was created for something else, but they realized in small doses it boosted immune function which is supposed to help your body kill Lyme (that's my understanding and it's my really simplistic way of understanding).

However, for me -- I had such difficulty with the drug itself and the side effects that it was never able to do this.

Some people claim LDN is the perfect helper for them while others say it did nothing. LDN for me may have prevented the disease from progressing, but it did not help my immune markers because I wasn't able to take a therapeutic enough dose. Recommended dosages is 4.5mg and I couldn't get above 1mg without tremendous side effects. .5mg and 1 mg gave me terrible headaches and vivid dreams which woke me often. So I've not been on this treatment in a while. I write a few blogs on LDN. If you look over to the labels on LDN and LDN cream, you can read more.

Thanks for reading!